Maintenance & Public Works Dept.

24/7 Public Works Emergency/After Hours Phone Number  751-257-4726, Ext 3



Shafer Maintenance



Note:  Inquiries about water bills should be directed to the Clerk's Office (email)



PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR Dan Cooper 651-257-4726
PUBLIC WORKS EMPLOYEE Andrè Myers full-time





1)  2019 Drinking Water Report
2)  2020 Drinking Water Report
3)  2021 Drinking Water Report
4 2022 Drinking Water Report


5)  Water Conservation Facts 1
6)  Water Conservation Facts 2
7)  Water Conservation Facts Toilets

8)  Benefits Of Meters

9)  Good Water Use Habits

10)  Conservation Ad Dishwasher
11)  Conservation Ad Toothbrush
12)  Conservation Ad Water In Refrigerator



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